ROBE for Spa ROBE for Spa™, Ryatta’s online spa booking service frees your staff and phone lines during work hours, and lets your guests continue booking through the night. Our cutting-edge and intuitive themes let clients book spa visits for themselves and their friends, from anywhere, delivering gorgeous experiences, while providing instant updates directly to your existing scheduling system, such as SpaSoft. The result? Happy guests, less coordination effort and higher revenues.
Because of our partnership [with Ryatta], our treatment sales have increased tremendously. The site is extremely user friendly and inviting, and our clients love the convenience of it.
Tara Shewey

Spa Director, Ponte Vedra Inn and Club

ROBE for Spa™ Service Features

Three beautiful, fully customizable themes ∨

Luxury, Card, and Royal offer an intuitive workflow, full mobile support and deep customization.

PCI Compliant/Premium Security ∨

We’re fully Level 1 PCI-DSS Compliant, so guest information and credit cards stay safe and secure.

Analytics/Customer behaviour tracking ∨

Gather specific, real-time data on your customers’ behavior, letting you respond to their needs and desires instantly.

Cross-device support (mobile/tablet/desktop) ∨

ROBE for Spa supports all mobile devices, eliminating the need for platform-specific apps.

Multilingual (international/local) ∨

ROBE for Spa is ready to travel with full localization and internationalization capabilities.

Campaign/Sales tracking ∨

Don’t wait for reports – ROBE for Spa can tell you how your new campaign is performing in the moment.

Plug and play with leading back-ends ∨

ROBE for Spa can be configured to work with whichever spa system you use – no need to switch!

Lead generation/Staff-facing use cases ∨

It’s so simple and intuitive, even your front desk staff will prefer it.

Gift Certificate sales ∨

Maximize your revenue by letting guests buy each other Gift Certificates online

Recommendations, Cross-/Up-sell ∨

Encourage longer stays by recommending related treatments online with ROBE for Spa.

In-house/IPTV and kiosks ∨

Free up front desk staff by installing kiosks displaying your ROBE for Spa page.

Stylistic integration with your website ∨

Ensure seamless transitions by customizing matching the look and feel of your ROBE for Spa site to match your Hotel/Spa.

Rapid deployment ∨

Get SpaDirect up and earning for you in as little as two weeks from placing your order!

Itinerary Booking™ ∨

Itinerary booking is the new future of Spa booking.  Learn more here.
Some features are theme-dependent. Ask us.
ROBE for Spa™ offers a premium user experience to your customers. It works with your existing scheduling solution to improve on the presentation, workflow and device-compatibility of your current booking interface. If you don’t already have online booking, be prepared to realize a large amount of missed revenue from new and existing customers.
Here’s why you should care:

Tremendous device support

Smoother, 'stickier' user experience

More, bigger bookings and higher revenues

Huge ROI

ROBE for Spa has already proven a huge success with Powerscourt customers, letting them book treatments within seconds.  It’s completely hassle free.
Kellie Ann Hayden

Spa Director, Powerscourt Hotel Resort & Spa

Check out our themes

Luxury Luxury’s clean, intuitive interface makes it easier than ever to book a day of treatments for groups and individuals.
Card With one click, your guests can flip the card, and read the treatment details on the back. With another click, they’re booked.
Royal Our first theme ever, and still a great performer. A clean, clear, brochure-style solution.

Our responsive themes can be customized to fit your specific needs.

Responsive, Mobile-Friendly Design
We save you the time and expense of building mobile apps with ROBE for Spa’s responsive themes. Cheaper Faster Works on all devices Links easily to existing websites and mobile apps Be everywhere, easily!
Success Stories Below are links to a few of our success stories. The links lead to actual live sites, so why not make a booking and say “hello” to some of our favourite spas?
Powerscourt live site

Powerscourt Hotel

County Wicklow, Ireland New to ROBE for Spa, Powerscourt Hotel is now running the Card theme.
PVBR live site

Ponte Vedra Inn and Club

Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida The Spa at Ponte Vedra moved from Card to Luxury with Itinerary Booking™.
Squaw Creek live site

Resort at Squaw Creek

Lake Tahoe, California The Resort at Squaw Creek are part of the Destination Hotels & Resorts chain. They are rockin’ the Royal theme.
PHR live site

The Resort at Pelican Hill

Newport Beach, California The Resort at Pelican Hill has a lovely site based on the Card theme.

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