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SpaDirect™ is GDPR-ready.  Minimize your risk while maximizing your online revenue with our clean, intuitive and secure interface. Ask us how SpaDirect™ can help prepare you for compliance.

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At Ryatta, we believe in teams and technologies. Our young and eager team understand how to get the most out of the latest technologies. We get it.

SpaDirect™ Itinerary Booking™

Coordinate multiple guests taking multiple treatments… easily! Itinerary Booking™ is a patent-pending solution for booking groups and couples online.   What’s the fuss?   50% more online revenue!

We are Ryatta Group

Ryatta Group is an Agile web development shop and technical consultancy specializing in hospitality industry solutions. We use modern techniques and frameworks, like Ruby on Rails and cloud computing, to implement best-in-class solutions, with a focus on user experience.
Simply Better Booking with SpaDirect™ Online booking frees up your staff and phone lines during work hours, and lets your guests continue booking through the night. SpaDirect’s cutting-edge Itinerary Booking™ lets your clients book visits for themselves and their friends, from anywhere. SpaDirect offers several beautiful, intuitive user-interface themes. SpaDirect integrates with many back-end systems, so you don’t need to switch.
I knew online booking was going to be successful, but I didn’t think it was going to be such an immediate success.
Tara Shewey

Spa Manager, Ponte Vedra Inn & Club

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Itinerary Booking™ Shopping carts are for stores; you need something else, something different. Something sleek and clean, with a personal touch. Something that makes the puzzle of scheduling sort itself out. Enter Itinerary Booking™, our simple solution. An approach not available anywhere else.

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