The Refactoring Workshop we held at Ruby Hack Night, hosted by theScore, went really well. We didn’t count how many people we crammed into that room, but there must have been at least 25 of you – I know I spent the first chunk scrounging extra chairs!

Which is awesome.

Thank you everyone who came out to hack with us – we learned so much from the pre-hack conversation and the post-hack presentation and discussion of solutions.  You guys made it a success.

We came armed with a refactoring score-sheet/guide/rubric to help spark conversation, but you guys were so on the ball that pretty much everything we had written got brought up in the clean-code brainstorming session.  If you want to check out what we assembled, you can read more here.

Here are some of the lovely things the participants had to say:

“This was the workshop concept at its best! Programmers at all levels were given the opportunity to learn, teach, and grow! Awesome! Thank You to everyone present!”

– Peter C


“LOVED this refactoring exercise. Love love love. Just perfect for the time, setting and crowd.”

– Naomi F


“Thank you for the opportunity to learn more on Ruby, it’s a good sharing program and fun too and it’s nice to meet you all.”

– Andi R


“It’s been a fun night. The workshop was definitely really productive and engaging. I don’t think I would have learned this much and have learned other things about Ruby that I hadn’t been exposed much to otherwise. Looking forward to the next hack night!”

– Vincent Lu


“Same here, totally enjoyed the interactive, practical refactoring workshop. I had to miss the best part, where we all present and discuss our learnings. So…for us, we found that as we dug into our initial refactoring, we pivoted a few times until we saw the larger, more important patterns. The insight for me was a reminder that action leads to clarity. Just thinking about it probably would have taken us a lot longer to arrive there. Would welcome your insights/interestings as well. Or maybe talk about them at the next meetup :)”

– Sundeep G

We’ll have some more thoughts on the tools and techniques the teams used up soon.

Thanks again so much for making it such a wonderful experience for developers of all levels.

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