It’s safe to assume that every spa director wants to improve revenue.  Unfortunately, there’s a limited number of ways to do this, and most of them come with significant costs.

You can renovate your spa. Renovations can improve client retention and attract new guests by improving the aesthetics and comfort of your spa.  You can add new rooms to accommodate more guests.

But it’s horrifically expensive, extremely disruptive, can take a long time, and there’s no guarantee you’ll see a good ROI.


You can promote your spa. Ads are always good, and promotional pricing can quickly attract a glut of new customers.

But the benefits are short-lived, and if you aren’t careful, you can train your guests to wait for special deals – they’ll never want to pay sticker price again!


You can improve your offerings.  Diversifying into under-represented areas can attract new customers who aren’t interested in anything but an avocado-and-honey-puree facial.

But beyond a certain point, it’s a zero-sum game – rather than attracting new revenue, guests will just shift from one set of treatments to another.


You can yield your prices. And you probably should. Yielding can help you fill your spa at less popular times.

But it can irritate customers, who will spend their time wondering if the guest next to them got a better deal.


Finally, and you knew we were going here, you can deploy ROBE for Spa. It will attract new customers who insist on using online booking, encourages booking multiple treatments, provides a way to book after-hours (from anywhere in the world and on-the-go), and relieves your operations team from answering the phone.  It combines the speed and low price of a promotional campaign with the long term returns of a renovation.  

But nothing.

It’s just a good idea.

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David Andrews is a Canadian web developer and President of Ryatta Group. David founded Ryatta Group to build hospitality web applications, releasing SpaDirect (renamed ROBE for Spa), a successful and innovative real-time spa booking platform in 2012. Since that time, he and his team have built market share through a series of innovations, including the groundbreaking Itinerary Booking™ system, which improves online spa revenue by as much as 50% over the competition.