At Ryatta Group, we take the cleanliness and maintainability of our code extremely seriously. That doesn’t mean we’re perfect; we have our share of modules with krufty methods, poorly named variables, and impenetrable chunks.  But we’re always improving, and each time we touch a file, we try to leave it cleaner than before.

This is why at Ruby Hack Night this coming Tuesday (Oct. 28), we’re going to be leading a workshop on clean code and refactoring.  We’ve got a chunk of dirty, dirty code built for this kind of exercise, and we’re going to facilitate a discussion on clean code, using it as an example.  Then we’ll break into groups, try to clean it up, and have each group present their results alongside the tools and techniques employed to attack it.

So if you feel the urge to hone your refactoring skillz, or want to participate in a lively discussion on what makes code clean, stop by and get a little dirty with us.

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David Andrews is a Canadian web developer and President of Ryatta Group. David founded Ryatta Group to build hospitality web applications, releasing SpaDirect (renamed ROBE for Spa), a successful and innovative real-time spa booking platform in 2012. Since that time, he and his team have built market share through a series of innovations, including the groundbreaking Itinerary Booking™ system, which improves online spa revenue by as much as 50% over the competition.