The second Refactoring Workshop we held at Ruby Hack Night, hosted by theScore, was at least as successful as the first. We’re going to have to make this an ongoing project!

Thank you everyone who came out to hack with us, especially those who have attended both Refactoring Workshops – we are learning so much from the interactions and feedback, it’s really helping us to set a firm direction for future discussions.  You people are making this a success.

As a foundation for understanding our efforts in a larger context, we reviewed a TDD workflow. Our next set of workshops is planned to follow this flow and develop skills in working in an Agile/TDD project team.

Here are some of the lovely things the participants had to say:

“Really a fantastic workshop, this meetup is great and all the people who attend are amazing and so helpful and patient 🙂 [I] can’t wait until the next one!”

– Magdelena D.


“The workshop was awesome! I enjoyed it so much I kept playing with the code challenges today.”

– Jamie S.


“Most awesome, another great workshop!”

– Jason R.


“[I] can’t wait for the next one. There’s always something to realize you don’t know when refactoring. A lot of tips and tricks to get good at Ruby and refactoring in general.”

– Vincent L.


“That was a well designed workshop. It catered to devs of all levels. As a newbie to Ruby, I had a great time. Looking forward to the next one.”

– Jey J.

Thanks again so much for making it such a wonderful experience for developers of all levels.

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