Your SpaDirect site is working like a charm, and the bookings are rolling in, but you can always do more to promote it.  Maximize your ROI by noting the following paths your customers can follow to arrive at a conversion, and optimize them all!

1. Your Website/Mobile App: the main path your guests will follow to online booking comes from your hotel or spa website or mobile app.  Make sure the call-to-action is large and clearly labeled, and accessible from all spa-related pages

2. End of another booking session: cross-sell your spa treatments with other products and services by adding links to your SpaDirect site at the end of a room-booking workflow, or in an e-mail confirming a dinner reservation

3. Promotion: whenever you send out promotional material, encourage visits to your spa by including a link to your SpaDirect site, maybe using a QR code.

4. Social Media links: when you tweet, blog, update your tumbler, or make a new Facebook announcement, make sure you include a link back to your SpaDirect site, to draw in new business and sales.

5. Organic or Paid Search: help boost your booking site’s visibility by sponsoring links on search engines, and helping us ensure that your pages show up high on search results.

6. On-property Kiosk: reduce demands on your front-desk by encouraging guests to use self-service kiosks preset to display your SpaDirect page.

7. Your Staff: your less internet-savvy guests can even use SpaDirect through your front desk agents – we bet your staff will find using SpaDirect’s guest facing interface easier and faster than whichever admin interface they use now.

While the seven above are the most critical to implement, there are so many other places you can embed links to improve your visibility: your company website, directories and referrals, add-to-homescreen apps, home-screen shortcuts, confirmation e-mails… we’re constantly finding new ways to generate more value through SpaDirect.

Ryatta SpaDirect is a guest-friendly, highly customizable solution for web and mobile spa booking that is ready to meet the above challenges. We’ll deliver a beautiful, secure online offering for your website. Best of all, based on a survey of our customers who have implemented the above, you can expect a high payback (ROI) from online booking. Now is the time to take it to the next level. Contact Ryatta today to find out how we can help.

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David Andrews is a Canadian web developer and President of Ryatta Group. David founded Ryatta Group to build hospitality web applications, releasing SpaDirect (renamed ROBE for Spa), a successful and innovative real-time spa booking platform in 2012. Since that time, he and his team have built market share through a series of innovations, including the groundbreaking Itinerary Booking™ system, which improves online spa revenue by as much as 50% over the competition.