Ryatta Group is excited to announce the newest theme for SpaDirect: Luxury.

Enhanced luxury theme

Luxury includes all the features that made our Card and Royal themes so successful: a mobile-friendly, responsive, very customizable design; direct and immediate access to spa inventory; translation and localization service; an attractive and intuitive user flow; and worry free operation.

It also adds something new: Itinerary Booking™

Itinerary Booking is specifically designed to facilitate booking groups and and individuals who want experience all your spa can offer. Now you can do it all with a single visit: multiple treatments, groups, Itinerary Booking handles it all.

We’ll have some follow-up posts discussing exactly how the magic works, but for now, you can learn more here.

Luxury is the first SpaDirect theme to offer Itinerary Booking. It works great on all devices, and provides an easy-to-use customer experience modelled after your existing spa website. Try it today.

Michael Atlin is a software developer at Ryatta Group. In his free time, he acts, writes plays and short stories, plays boardgames, and feeds cats.