no shopping cart

Some customers find booking spa appointments online frustrating. This frustration is a serious problem, because after paying for your online booking solution, any guest who chooses not to use it reduces your ROI.

They’re frustrated because most booking systems either use a shopping cart model (where the customer adds items to a virtual shopping cart and then checks them out together) or restrict purchases to a single treatment.

There are many good reasons for doing this: shopping carts and single item booking systems are well understood and inexpensive to implement, and they work very well when reserving rooms at a hotel or buying books on

Unfortunately, booking spa appointments is fundamentally different than booking a room or buying books, and requires a unique solution.  This is why we built Itinerary Booking.

Never swim alone

Spa-trips are often social occasions, so multiple people need to coordinate their visits. In that way, they’re quite like a trip to the theatre. Theatres make it very easy to book tickets simultaneously, because that helps them make money.

Definitely not the ballet

Usually, when you go to the theatre, you just see one show. When you and your friends go to the spa, you might want several different treatments, so the booking system needs to be able to chain multiple treatments together, trying to ensure everyone starts and stops at the same time. It’s kind of like booking a trip with a travel agent, with a few layovers; airlines make it easy to chain multiple flights together AND book for several people simultaneously

It’s not a flight-plan

Because unlike most vacations, at a spa, everyone might want to do different things. (Ok, so maybe not that different from most vacations). But trying to organize all that is hard, and your guests don’t want to deal with the stress.

A truly complete spa-booking system would handle every aspect of scheduling for you. Unfortunately, most systems still use shopping carts.

Lucky for you SpaDirect is truly complete. Itinerary Booking makes spa booking simply simple. Check it out. Your customers will love you for it.

Michael Atlin is a software developer at Ryatta Group. In his free time, he acts, writes plays and short stories, plays boardgames, and feeds cats.